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Artist Statement

Growing up in a quiet and conservative town, I often felt like an outsider in my own community. It is from this experience that I discovered the importance of seeing and hearing stories that resonate—stories that not only provide a sense of belonging, but also create transformational experiences for viewers/listeners and their own communities.


My approach to directing and artistic leadership is driven by commitment to sharing these stories with a focus on collaboration and listening. While striving to execute creative, fresh takes that both serve the text and execute the goals of the creative team as seamlessly as possible, my first and foremost task as a director is to ensure that actors feel safe, supported, and heard. I highly value the feedback of other members involved in any production, as I believe that listening is crucial to be a good and impactful leader. I strive to create space for diverse perspectives and imaginations to co-exist and engage with each other, believing that true collaboration is critical to a show's influence and effect on its audience.


I take pride in preparing my ideas well in advance, as well as paying very specific attention to detail, to ensure that every show I work on is well-executed, and enjoyed by its audiences and performers. Aesthetically speaking, I am drawn to a myriad of genres and styles, having experience with shows ranging from Golden Age musicals to ultra-contemporary plays, though find myself the most interested in any pieces that find moments to connect through comedy and laughter. 


As a leader I hope to help artists find their potential, and enjoy working closely with actors to make discoveries that take the text off of the page. In my work with actors I strive to be clear and direct, while remaining kind and encouraging. It is always my goal to find a method that works for everyone, having the flexibility to re-hone my work in a way that is easily understood and related to by all members of a show's team. I believe that the director should serve as an enthusiastic coach, inspiring co-conspirators in and out of the rehearsal room and engaging audiences as active participants with each show.


I have always been passionate about nurturing and championing new plays and playwrights, as well as young actors and other artists that have yet to have many artistic opportunities. The art and artists that I am passionate about are diverse; it is my goal to create theatre that doesn't only look like the world we live in, but looks like the world that we wish to live in. As a queer non-binary director, I am deeply committed to an inclusive and equitable theater that invites everyone to the table and brings underrepresented stories and voices to the centerstage. I am committed to creating theatre that is anti-racist, accessible, and queer. I come to each show with preparation, curiosity, courage, and open ears.

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"Describing Em in just a few words is nearly impossible, but I think most simply put they are an absolutely radiant light to everyone they work with. Each time I have had the privilege to work with them I’ve left feeling more joy in my day and totally energized. Em has a unique gift of being collected, organized, and ready to go at all times while completely putting you at ease and making what could be work a total pleasure. With Em I always feel like I have the room to play and try something new or crazy, which nearly always eventually leads to better performance. Em is very gifted across the board, and I couldn’t recommend them more as a wonderful person to work with!" 


Abigail Morrison, Performer

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