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A Tiny Little Sky

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AF Productions Presents:


Book, Music, & Lyrics by Anton Chesnokov


A TINY LITTLE SKY is a musical that follows the untold story of how a world-renowned Vincent Van Gogh who was a missionary school student and a preacher leaves everything and everyone behind to become an artist. Everyone except his brother Theo who never stopped supporting Vincent. The story is based on the famous correspondence of the brothers to encourage everyone to listen to their own heart despite others’ disapproval.


CAP21 Studios

New York, NY

May 2022

Director: Em Hausmann

Music Director: Dominic Girolami

Music/Book/Lyrics: Anton Chesnokov

Producer: Angelo Fraboni

Stage Manager: Stevie Allen


Andrew McNamara, Samantha Tullie,  Max Avramis, Jenna Rose Husli



Juliana Conte, Bryan Freedman, Grace Estes, Sage Newman, Aubrey Malakoff, David Van Dyke, Jason Tobias, Matthew Harmon

A Tiny Little Sky.jpg
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