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Beethoven: Live in Concert


Fort Salem Theatre presents:


Music, Book, & Lyrics by Jad Jacob


Written by Al Budde Scholarship Recipient Jad Jacob of Niskayuna, NY, Beethoven: Live in Concert is a new original musical about the world’s first Rock Star: Ludwig van Beethoven. Bringing the famous composer to life on stage, the rock ‘n roll revolution of the 70’s takes center stage, as Beethoven transforms the world of classical music into an electrifying rock journey through his tumultuous life. From political revolution to family drama , this is the story of the man who defied fate and changed music forever. Starring Broadway Beltress Sarah Beth Pfeifer.


Fort Salem Theatre

Salem, NY

April 2024

Director: Em Hausmann

Music Director: Emily Rose Rivera

Choreographer: Gabi Bazinet Douglas

Stage Manager: Amy Collins
Scenic Designer: Charles J.I. Krawczyk
Technical Director (Lighting/Sound Design): John Norine Jr.
Rehearsal Music Supervisor: Michael Gallagher

Assistant Director/PA: Milo Briele

Executive Producer: Ian McQueen
Produced for Fort Salem Theater by Kyle West

Photos by Michael Hatzel



Jad Jacob, Sarah Beth Pfeifer, Alex White, Ben Amey, Rory Alexa, James Alexander, Noah Casner, Lauren Kerr, Conner Galusha


Jenna Wilkinson, Edgar Ritchie, Jackson Aubuchon, Shannon Wright, Sarah Zweighaft, Stephanie Willis, Allison Schmidt, Molly Waters, Adrienne Guss, Jaynie Parmenter

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