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The Very Last Dance of Homeless Joe


Crystal Field and Theater for the New City Presents:



A New Play By Rich Courage

Featuring 2 Original Raps by Roger Rover


There are no homeless people. Only people who happen to be homeless. A young woman named Charlie decides to write a story about people who are homeless. Charlie meets a variety of folks who make her cry, laugh, and open her mind and heart. The message of the play is simple yet profound. All we have in this crazy life is each other and each other is all we really need. 


Rich Courage plays the title role, amid a cast of ten, in his original group study of homeless people, which draws on his own vagrant history in the hope of inspiring empathy for those who still live on the street. 


Theater for the New City

New York, NY

December 2022

Director: Em Hausmann

Playwright & Producer: Rich Courage


Lighting Design: John Lance Harrison

Scenic Design: Angelina Meccariello, Em Hausmann, Izy Taylor

Cover & Poster Artwork: Anna Kwan


Production Stage Manager: Izy Taylor

Light Board Operator: Geoffrey Kinsey-Christopher

Photos by Jonathan Slaff, Lawrence Applebaum



Tim Bronkema, Samekh Resh, Valerie Johnson, Selena Donayre, Rich Courage, Robert Maffia, Louis Courage, Roger Rover, Herut Ashkenazi, Emma Littig, Elizabeth Smith

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