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Poster Child


Kitchen Sink Theatre Company & Frigid NYC: 



By Ozzy Dickson

Poster Child is a 90 minute stage play that brings a voice to the nonbinary transmasculine person, focusing on Finn and his personal journey transitioning, how that transition affects those around him, which in turn, cyclically affects him and his decisions, and so on, and so on, with themes involving friendship, loss, love, self-acceptance, and above all else — transitioning to a new phase in life.


The Kraine Theater

New York, NY

July 2023


Director & Lead Producer: Katie Royse Ginther

Associate Director & Executive Producer: Em Hausmann

Production Stage Manager: Melanie Ashby

Lighting Design: Geoffrey Kinsey-Christopher

Scenic Design: Moni Sinaola

Sound Design: Em Hausmann

Props Design: Katie Royse Ginther

Producers: Izy Taylor & Garrett Bailey

Production Photos by Jen Chia

Promotional Photos by CastrosView



Ozzy Dickson, Grace Mitcherlich, Samekh Resh, Levi Collins

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